What to Know Before Hiring a Wedding Videographer

What to know before hiring a wedding videographer.


Why should I hire a wedding videographer? That question is slowly starting to become a no-brainer throughout newly engaged couples. Spending the big bucks on a photographer and a videographer can seem like a daunting cost but you owe it to yourself, your spouse and your family to create an heirloom that will last so much longer than one or two generations. Wedding videographers create so much more than just videos and so much more than just memories. Anniversaries will forever be so much more special when you are able to relive your wedding day and feel every bit of happiness you felt when you said, “I do”. Not only will anniversaries be looked forward to with so much more excitement, your children and grandchildren will be able to see how handsome and beautiful their grandpa and grandma looked on their special day; not to mention that you will inspire them to be happy and full of love.


Different wedding videographers may offer different packages that vary in price and contents. At CDFilms we like to keep things as simple as possible for you and your spouse! Our packages include:







Each package is priced differently, and each have a different combination of services. However, each package is not set in stone. CDFilms offers an “À la carte” option where you’re able to take a feature or multiple features from one package and add it to another.

An important thing to consider when looking at packages is the desired length of your film. It’s pretty self-explanatory – a shorter film means you’ll have a shorter amount of time to fit your whole wedding day into, so some aspects may be excluded from the final film, while a longer film means that you’ll get to see a lot more in the final product. The desired length of film still an important aspect to consider. We will endeavour to capture everything that happens during the day, but in a shorter film we will work with you to prioritise the most precious parts of the day. A shorter film will be no longer than three minutes, while a longer film will be no shorter than six minutes. The beauty of a longer film is that there is more room for storytelling and emotion. In a longer film, we aren’t only telling the story of your wedding day, but the story of your love.


CDFilms offers a one-minute trailer/teaser video included with the Jade package. The trailer/teaser video is a separate video from the wedding video that is specially designed for social media use and is delivered no longer than two weeks after the wedding, before the wedding video. 


Hours of coverage
Hours of coverage should be a careful consideration when budgeting for a wedding videographer. Typically, the more hours of coverage there is the more the more content there is to put into a film, that’s why coverage and film length often go hand in hand. In saying that, how important is it to you and your spouse that the videographer captures you getting ready, or making your grand exit? If you would like the whole day covered with no stone unturned, the more hours of coverage the better. CDFilm’s “Diamond” package offers ten hours of coverage. Stepping up to the “Jade” package ensures that an entire weekend is captured if you and your spouse are having a bucks’ or hens’ night or both.


Many videographers offer an array of “styles” for you to select from. At CDFilms we don’t wish to place a cap on your ideas. We want to work closely with you and your spouse during the lead up to the wedding and create a beautiful handcrafted film that has your love deeply embedded into it.


Possibly one of the most overlooked aspect of hiring a wedding videographer is the delivery. Common ways a film is delivered is via:



Online media link

CD Rom

Online file drop


Typically, USB is the easiest and safest route of delivery. CDFilms is happy to post the USB to your address or give it to your personally upon the video’s completion. Using an online media link such as YouTube, Facebook is Vimeo is also very easy, however often sites like these will compress a video’s resolution, meaning all that ultra HD goodness you paid for in the beginning won’t look as good as it should.

CD Roms are an uncommon form of delivery these days as it is now considered outdated. CD Roms lack functionality and practicality as well.


Online file drop is a common method of delivery and is often very simple using a site like Drop Box or Google Drive. Files are not compressed and can be easily downloaded onto your phone, tablet or computer. However, this is all dependant on your internet speed.

A new and uncommon method of delivery which CDFilms offers is a video play book. Essentially what a video play book is, is a book that has a custom hard cover and back and when you open it up, inside there is your wedding video on a small screen which can be played at anytime with no internet connection.


Now go and have a coffee! You deserve one after reading this! When you’re ready, or if you have any questions, please do not hestitate to contact us on our "contact us" page or email Cameron at [email protected]